What To Do When Your Partner Cannot Or Will Not Do Breastfeeding

What to Do When Your Partner Cannot Or Will Not Do Breastfeeding

How to breastfeed your baby is a controversial issue, but not an uncommon one. So, what should you do about breastfeeding when your partner cannot or will not do it? This article discusses the various situations that arise from this topic.

In many cultures, breastfeeding is a socially sanctioned way of feeding your baby, and the lactating mother is taken for granted. But when you’re a married woman with no children, being able to breastfeed your partner can be difficult. And even though he may be willing to go along, the practical difficulties of giving birth make him reluctant.

The Natural Tendency Of Breastfeeding

If your male or female partner is unwilling to breastfeed you, you have to find some way to have his milk (as opposed to his sperm) supplied to your baby. The natural tendency is to feel pangs of guilt. After all, you’ve chosen him, so how can you possibly leave him to starve to death? However, if you keep looking for ways to feed your baby on your own, you’ll probably get sick of the struggle.

What to Do When Your Partner Cannot Or Will Not Do Breastfeeding
What to Do When Your Partner Cannot Or Will Not Do Breastfeeding

The easiest thing to do is find a lactating friend, or check out what information is available at your child’s doctor. It’s rare that your friend of a friend has never breastfed, so ask around and see if they can introduce you to a good lactating friend. Even if your friend cannot breastfeed, she or he may know of a friend who is willing to do so. The lads and lasses in the bar at the doctor’s office are always sure to know where the milk is.

Mothers can also go on breastfeeding classes or try their hand at creating a home environment where breastfeeding is welcome. There are also programs at nursing homes and hospitals. There are also online help and support groups that cater to breastfeeding mothers.

Other Inexpensive Options Available

For those who really can’t bear to give up their privilege of being able to breastfeed, there are some inexpensive options for those who need to nurse but can’t. There are special baby bottles, often out of reach of the newborn, which act as a sort of milk “throw pillow.”

Lactating mothers often have to work full-time and deal with the stress of nursing time and the exhaustion of pumping, which is another reason why they may find themselves being unable to nurse. Such exhaustion can become too much to handle, and a lactating mother will take time away from work just to nurse.

One solution is to nurse your baby, but not enough to sustain the baby’s adequate nourishment, or provide sufficient breast milk. You could nurse the baby only enough to satisfy your milk needs, since breast milk alone cannot replace the nutritional benefits of an exclusively breastfed baby.

What to Do When Your Partner Cannot Or Will Not Do Breastfeeding
What to Do When Your Partner Cannot Or Will Not Do Breastfeeding

Take Care Of Your Baby While Breastfeeding

Even when you’re breastfeeding your baby, you still have to do a lot of taking care of yourself. Many breastfeeding mothers find it easier to take time out of the day to care for themselves and their baby.

One way to keep the nursing going while working to take care of your other responsibilities, is to seek additional support from friends and family. If you’re nursing more than one baby, it’s helpful to have a friend or family member who can keep a check on the baby. If one of your nursing partners becomes ill, having a friend or family member will make it easier to keep going.

Nursing mothers should always practice acceptable parenting techniques when caring for their babies. These include: Making sure your house is clean, paying attention to the weather, wearing the right clothing, drinking plenty of water, being sure your car is clean, and being patient. All these things are vital to your health and the health of your baby.

Bottom Line

Additional tips for nursing mothers: If you can, try to avoid having multiple children, especially if you are nursing more than one baby. Also, do not put off having your mammogram. Although it may not be a good time to have your baby, it is not necessarily a bad time to get your mammogram.

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