The Social Network – A Review of This Hottest New Movie

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The movie chronicles the mischievous adventures of four teenage boys who must form a new society for their family. Helen Mirren was originally cast as one of the fathers in the film but was eventually replaced by Colin Firth. This lead to a massive search for a new leading girl and other supporting players that could take center stage in this film. It seems that this film has finally found its leading star…

The movie starts with a brief recap of how the four youngsters met. They are all in their preteen years and are forced to live in a small village called H&M, which is populated mostly by boys. One of the boys, a skateboarder by the name of Eric, discovers an exotic doll while out skating. The local shopkeeper overhears their conversation and decides to help them procure the doll for no charge. Eventually, they learn that the doll has magical powers and is the new bearer of bad news.

The Smokescreen Crew

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The Smokescreen crew soon finds out that the boys are going to need a secret club to face all the troubles that they are destined to face. Eventually they are joined by a boy named Jake, who is obsessed with finding the legendary Golden Shower. The Smokescreen crew also join forces with the colorful locals of H&M. The four youngsters soon learn that the shopkeeper is actually The Emperor, a powerful warlord who rules over H&M. However, he is just as much in love with the four boys as they are with his latest acquisition, the sweet and innocent Rose. He wants them to use their newfound powers to help him defeat his enemies.

The Smokescreen crew also find themselves in danger when The Emperor’s henchman tries to capture them. This film follows the same storyline as the popular American cartoon “The Proud Family”, but it adds some twists and turns that make it all the more interesting. It is also a great introduction to what is to come in the exciting world of online social networking. The film succeeds on many levels because it combines humor, great acting, and animation into a fun family film that any child will enjoy. There are countless positive influences that can be derived from watching this film, and kids will definitely benefit from being introduced to these social networking icons.

The Best Of Traditional Wholesome Family Values

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What makes The Smokescreen so unique is the way it combines the best of traditional wholesome family values with cutting edge technology. The movie starts with the parents and older kids as they attend an outdoor party. They all get to play online social networks, discuss what happened at the party, and decide how to proceed. This is an excellent example of what kids should be up to online: communicating and sharing ideas with others.

The social network kids have created becomes a secret code for each family member. Each person knows who everyone else in their “friends” list is, so it is easy to stay in touch and keep in touch with people who know you well or are important to you.

A Hilarious Family Comedy

As the kids learn more about the online social networks, they start to use their newfound powers to help out their own families and become even closer. Once they have successfully navigated through the initial trials, it is easy to watch this fantastic film as a family and create even closer bonds than before.

While The Smokescreen is a hilarious family comedy, there are actually some real world social issues that are touched on in the film. One of the biggest problems in today’s youth is dealing with being too close to friends. In the film, the parents discuss the ramifications of allowing kids to maintain friendships with total strangers. There are many social issues that can be solved by creating safe online social networks for kids, rather than allowing them to create friendships with total strangers.


The Social Network is an entertaining film that will give kids plenty of pleasure. It tackles real world social problems while still providing plenty of laughs. If you have not seen The Social Network, now is the time to see it. Whether you like the film or hate it, you are going to find at least one thing you really like about The Social Network.

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