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Some Trendy Boden Children Clothes

boden children clothes

Boden is a primary online and by mail order and catalogue retailer selling British Clothes brand.  With websites for the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany and Australia, Johnnie Boden founded this company as a mail order business in 1991. 300 million euros is the value estimated for Boden. A number of physical stores opening news by Boden was announced by it in 2015.


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The Boden was initially launched with 8 types of different mens wear in the beginning. In 1992 womenswear was introduced by Bodin and in 1996 mini children wear was introduced by the chief designer named Kate Barton. The one third of two total sales is accounted for by the website which was extended by the company with America in 2002. In Hanger Lane, London in 2004 Bodin’s first shop opened. The German website and baby range was launched by the company in 2007.  With sizing upto 16 years of age, the teen range Johnnie B was introduced in the summer of 2010. A maternity range with petite womenswear was launched in the summer of 2011. Some other limited editions were introduced along with other accessories and wedding accessories. The Australian website was launched by the company in 2014.


Casual basics as well as pattern clothes were designed by this company. The collection of Boden range from clothes for men and women, Johnnie B for teen agers between the age of 9-16 years and Mini Borden for girls and boys of age between 1 ½ – 12 years of age, baby Borden for newborn and toddlers and also maternity outfits. Every summer and autumn new collections are launched.

Size chart-

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A baby range is provided by the boden to ensure that everybody is chartered with clothes ranging from big to very very small children. The baby range is for babies who are newborns and till the age of 4 years. It also offers a girls and boys range where the age limit is from 6 to 14 years. Their size range reflects the type of dresses which are suitable for very small children and for some adult children like adult children look good in a particular kind of dress and smaller children’s suits with different designs. To ensure that the children fit in nicely with their addresses the boden offers on critical fit styles a critical age size and dual size option is available for those clothes which have a little wiggle in them. You should use the size chart provided by the Boden so that you can make the perfect choice of clothes for your little ones.


Some neat little innovations are included in the dress by Boden so that the dress fits easily on your little one’s body because dressing children is not something very easy as you need a lot of patience and time.

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