Single Parents Challenges – Financial Security

Single Parents Challenges - Financial Security

Some single parents are surprised at how much their lives change once their children are gone. Of course, they have to be aware of the challenges that await them when they return home. However, there are challenges that they face on the road to financial security that the majority of working families never have to face.

For example, some single parents have never been offered an “on the job” training opportunity such as a public speaking class or a library where they can learn about online marketing. They have always been self-employed and many times lack any type of training. This makes them more susceptible to failure in the world of business.

Single Parents Can Make Money Through MLM

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has taken the world by storm and its benefits have been proven in many industries. It can be extremely profitable if it is implemented properly. Unfortunately, most single parents do not know how to make money through MLM in a cost-effective manner. Often they will receive a marketing offer and try to use it for themselves but without the necessary resources or skills to really succeed.

Single Parents Challenges - Financial Security
Single Parents Challenges – Financial Security

Successful MLM should be used as a way to supplement your income rather than being a major focus for an online business. As single parents, you should prioritize your family’s needs over all of your other goals and an MLM business will only put you in a position to fail.

Finding employment during the holidays is always a challenge. It is often difficult to get a second interview after you’ve already been turned down for another job. Plus, many of the people who apply for second jobs are fired within a week due to performance issues. Single parents must, therefore, be very careful about what kind of company they sign up with.

Working With Single Parents Is Not Easy

Unfortunately, many large companies view independent contractors as liabilities rather than assets. One company recently replaced hundreds of employees who had been laid off because of poor performance. The company and the owner were fired, so it was a needless risk.

Working with a single parent may also cause a difficult time of separation. If you are married or involved in a relationship that requires a lot of time from your attention then it can be difficult for you to keep your priorities straight. One of the best ways to keep your priorities straight is to go back to school.

Single Parents Challenges - Financial Security
Single Parents Challenges – Financial Security

Applying for federal grants is one of the easiest ways to supplement your income. Most single parents do not have to pay taxes on the grants they receive. When you consider how large of a tax deduction you will receive, it becomes clear why they are so valuable.

Because there are many grants available, you may find that your grant money is available for your specific needs. However, sometimes you may not find your need is identified and you can apply for grant money for very general purposes. Since there are many grant programs you should check the requirements each one of them requires before you apply.

Not All Single Parents Have Enough Education

There are many single parents that do not have the proper education to receive this grant money. Your main challenge will be to find the grant program that matches your needs. You should not let the grant selection process scare you off from applying for federal grants because there are grants for every need and every situation.

When you choose to receive a grant, it will not be used as soon as you request it. Although your request should be for one year in length. You will continue to receive the grant until you either pay it off or use it up. Of course, if you are fortunate enough to find a grant that matches your needs then you will not be required to repay the money.


Single parents may have challenges in their first year of independence. But it is important to remember that there are no challenges unique to the single parent. Take some time to talk to the other single parents in your circle of friends and try to ask about the challenges they may be facing.

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