Know About HGH Deficiency

children growth hormone deficiency

The term “children with growth hormone deficiency” describes a condition that affects the children’s body. This deficiency occurs when their pituitary gland produces too little of the hormones that stimulate the cells to grow and develop. It is estimated that about one percent of children will experience this problem during their life.

Children with growth hormone deficiency are not usually able to perform well at school or even during the physical activities. They are also unable to do activities in a normal way. There are some cases where children might be slow growing; the growth of their bones are affected, the ability to fight off diseases and illness, their immune system might be affected and their body might show signs of obesity.

Symptoms Of children

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The symptoms of children with growth hormone deficiency are very similar to those of adults. There are some significant differences between them; for instance, the children who suffer from the condition may have swollen glands in the neck, the face and upper abdomen. Sometimes, there can also be other conditions like arthritis in the face or back.

Although the symptoms of children with growth hormone deficiency are very similar to the ones of adults, there are also some major differences. For instance, children have weak bones; they become susceptible to fractures. The bones are also affected by the lack of nutrients. The blood cells are also affected because the pituitary glands do not produce enough of the hormones that stimulate the cells to grow and produce more insulin and glucose to increase the rate of the metabolism.

In the past, doctors would just treat the symptoms of hormonal deficiency with drugs like prednisone and ombitasvir or a combination of these two. These drugs are able to reduce the symptoms but can not stop the condition permanently. Even the steroid creams and tablets are not able to do this. In addition, the side effects of these drugs include vomiting, weight gain and loss, acne, liver damage and the risk of having kidney failure.

Root cause of the growth hormone deficiency

Doctors have also studied the root cause of the growth hormone deficiency. They have discovered that the growth hormone which is produced in the pituitary glands actually needs to be balanced. In children, this balance is not correct.

The new way to treat children with growth hormone deficiency is to stimulate the production of growth hormone. HGH can be taken from the supplements, which come in tablet form. In most cases, the doctor will prescribe the injections of the hormone.

Children growth supplements are very effective. They can be bought in health stores and pharmacies. It is important to follow the instructions of the doctor before using the hormone supplements because the dose should be monitored carefully.

There are many benefits of taking growth hormone supplements. But when compared to the dangers of the injections, it is still considered to be the safer option.

If you think you are suffering from the symptoms of children with growth hormone deficiency, then the first thing that you need to do is to go and see your doctor. You may even be able to tell him or her what condition you have so that the doctor will be able to recommend the right dosage of the growth hormone supplements.

Side effects of the injection

The side effects of the injection are mild and temporary. If you are having severe problems like bone fractures or liver damage, then it would be better to wait until after you complete the treatment.


When your child is about to start the treatment, tell your doctor immediately. This way, he will have time to make sure that there are no complications that may occur during the treatment. If the condition of children with growth hormone deficiency worsens, consult a doctor again. HGH treatment may be stopped at any time if the child shows signs of having an allergic reaction to the drugs.

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