Complete Child Care Licensing Guide -

Complete Child Care Licensing Guide

Complete Child Care Licensing Guide

Usually, there are two different types of childcare organizations that parents choose to keep their kids safe. Childcare centers include school-based childcare licensing and childcare services offered through home childcare agencies. Here we have all that you need to know about childcare licensing guide.

Necessity Of Licensing Child Care

You can find all the necessary data related to the childcare licensing program at the site of ministry of education. The article provides complete information on the requirements, and essentials required for licensing childcare centers. Moreover, these programs may include nursery schools, full-day childcare, and before- or after-school programs.

Cmplete Child Care Licensing Guide

Complete Child Care Licensing Guide
  • There are many childcare agencies who like to open a private childcare center of their own in their homes.
  • After that, agency screens approve and monitor the providers. There are various agencies that help the parents to find the right center for their child.
  • Moreover, you can find more information on home childcare agencies can in the Home Child Care Agency License Manual on the Early Years Portal.
  • There are two different types of licenses provided to childcare centers. One is the regular license while the other is provisional.

The License: When And How To Apply?

  • A regular license may issue or renew when the permit has met all licensing requirements.
  • The license may be an issue for a maximum period of two years.
  • In order to issue or reapply a regular license, the centers must complete all the required fields.
  • The license can be issued for a maximum period of two years.
  • In the case of a provisional license, one can easily apply even without fulfilling all the criteria.

The Role Of The Ministry Of Education

Under the CCYEA, education ministry issues childcare licenses to the centers and provides eligibility to open such centers. Every year, the ministry conducts an inspection program around all the childcare centers and home agencies. this is mainly done to check if the agencies are doing their work properly and meeting the criteria. However, if they face any kind of issues then they get support from the ministry of education to improve their services.

Complain Investigation By The Ministry

Often the people of ministry investigate the agencies when a public complains. The childcare centers are a delicate area and can suffer from severe consequences with such complaints. In other words, ministry staff may, at any reasonable time, enter and inspect a childcare center.

  • Policies and Procedures for Monitoring Compliance and Contraventions
  • Waiting List Policy
  • Parent Issues and Concerns Policies and Procedures
  • Emergency Management Policies and Procedures
Child Care Licensing Guide

Child Care Licensing Guide

Unlicensed Child Care

An unlicensed childcare provider can care for a maximum of five children under the age of 13 years and children under four years old.


There are various other laws that the ministry of education implements to secure the order of the childcare centers and services. Even for the home agencies, the ministry has set certain criteria. Nowadays, it is really hectic for the women to sit home and care for their kids instead of working. Therefore, the government is helping the mothers to come up and work, while their child is safe in the care centers.

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