Children Playing Video Games – Why It Is So Dangerous

Children Playing Video

Some parents play video games as a form of recreation or entertainment, but there are some parents who aren’t so familiar with video games, especially those which are designed for children playing on computer screens. Many parents don’t understand the dangers of playing video games, some are even unaware of some of the consequences of the things that children are doing on video games.

A lot of video game manufacturers and game software publishers create the images of fun, enjoyment, and excitement by making video games about things that make them look like a high-end action video, sports, or fantasy adventure. While it is true that some video games are highly dangerous to children who are not careful, the vast majority of video games created for children are relatively harmless.

The Real Danger

It’s difficult to imagine that a video game that makes children jump through hoops or climb things can be considered dangerous. The problem comes when parents are aware of all of the dangers of playing video games without any idea about the consequences. Some parents are even unaware of the fact that video game technology has made it possible to include more violence into video games than ever before. Children can be very impressionable by the time they reach adulthood, which means that these adults often don’t realize the dangers of what they are playing.

There are many studies that have found that children who are exposed to violent video games on a regular basis are more likely to develop aggressive behavior, violence, aggressive thinking, and violence in general. The effects are the same for all ages and genders, so it is easy to see how these findings can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and an increase in aggressive behaviors.

What Can Be Done

A close up of a toy

Since it has been proven that violent video game players develop more aggressive behaviors, it has been suggested that video game manufacturers add violence into video games. In many cases the violent nature of the video game itself is used to make this point. In the case of violent video games with guns and shooting, it is common for a parent to notice that their child becomes more aggressive in real life after playing the video game.

There are also some video games where the player cannot do anything, like in some of the action games where you just move from one area to another trying to kill enemies. The player doesn’t have any weapons and no way to defend themselves. When you are playing these types of video games, the players have no control over the outcome of the story. You may be killed or be able to get around to save the level, but you are not allowed to do anything else.

Some More Dangerous Cases

Children are susceptible to being distracted by the screen as well. A lot of people take a lot of enjoyment from a good movie or a really great game, but most children take it for granted that the computer is there to entertain them. They don’t realize how much time they spend staring at the screen while they are playing video games.


A lot of parents want their children to be entertained in order to be happy, but when children spend most of their time playing video games, parents are often unable to spend enough time with them to give them the things they need in order to be happy. In addition, video games are not a part of a daily routine for them, so when there is a lull in their daily routine, they become very bored. They start to look for ways to pass the time so that they can pass the time and don’t have to spend hours reading books, playing with other children, playing musical instruments, and other things that can keep them busy.

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