Bull Parental Guidance That Hinders Success

Bull Parental Guidance

Bull parental guidance and the TAC Team represent an adolescent boy brought up in total isolation, which goes on trial for the murder of a classmate while participating in a shoot out. He is defended by a young woman who has been traumatized in her own life and friends. But when the prosecutor reveals that the defendant’s mother was abusive, Bull is convicted and sent to jail.

Bull Is Sent Home From Jail: Bull Parental Guidance

The Bull is sent home from jail in an old truck with no food or water. He is given no phone calls, no television, and no access to a library. He lives in a hole, with no toys to play with. His mother is there every day and tells him everything is fine. However, Bull cannot shake the feeling that he is being mistreated.

impact on adolescent with bull parental guide
Bull Parental Guidance That Hinders Success

Social Isolation: Bull Parental Guidance

What Bull is facing is extreme social isolation. As a result, he starts to withdraw from other people and his life. His grades start to suffer, as do his social skills, and he becomes more anxious and violent.
His mother’s attempts to help him regain control of his life are futile. The judge continues to keep Bull locked up, depriving him of any form of adult supervision.

Eventually, Bull is diagnosed with depression. This leads to his admission to a psychiatric hospital. A nurse notices a troubling pattern in Bull’s behavior. He is repeatedly arrested but released just before he is scheduled for trial.
In response, Bull’s mother decides to confront the prosecutor and tell him what is going on, but the man denies ever having heard of a child’s father being charged with murder. Bull’s father then finds out that Bull’s mother is the mother of his killers.

Lack Of Emotional Support: Bull Parental Guidance

The Bull is taken back to jail, where he finds that the lack of emotional support is worse than before. He also learns that his life sentence was part of the court system’s attempt to teach him that he could not be trusted to survive in society. The Bull is forced to work long hours in harsh conditions, where he can barely leave the confines of his cell.
Ultimately, Bull realizes that he needs help, and his case has a chance to be reviewed and to have parental guidance if he wants.

What Bull does not realize is that he is the victim of judicial violence. He learns that his life sentence was ordered by the court without him even being present. A “juvenile” is the one who ordered the order, and he has to pay for it. He is then put under the supervision of another juvenile.

Bull Has No Choice

social isolation with bull parental guide
Bull Parental Guidance That Hinders Success

The courts are the real killers here. He has been ordered by the state to serve more time than he should have spent in prison.
The legal system is trying to teach the world a lesson about violence. The Bull is not innocent, but he does deserve some accountability for his crimes.
Bull goes on the Internet and gets parental guidance. He soon finds that this is not much help. His case has been turned down by courts all over the country, which is why Bull is being kept in prison.

Bull decides to take matters into his own hands. He begins to seek a program that will teach him about child abuse, how to handle relationships with children, and how to fight for his freedom.

The bull is determined to make it out of jail, no matter what. That is why he decides to join this new program. The bull is determined to get out, and he is willing to fight for his freedom with the help of a group that supports and trains youth in fighting for freedom.

Final Words

The good thing about the program is that it works. Bull learns what he needs to know about his situation, and he has the opportunity to learn what to do if he is facing an assault. People must learn all they can learn about child abuse. But not that they should suffer as a result of it.

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