Baby Milestones: What To Expect And When -

Baby Milestones: What To Expect And When

Baby Milestones: What To Expect And When

Do you have any thoughts about baby milestones? Before getting an answer to this question, let me tell you, every infant is different.

Nevertheless, you will find a general timeline for different development stages. If you think that your baby is not developing in the right way or like the other babies of his age, you should start looking out for some milestones.

Understanding the different signs will help you get answers to many unanswered questions you might be having. Below, you will find a complete analysis of the milestones you can expect your infant to reach and at what stage.

Baby Milestones: What To Expect And When
Baby Milestones: What To Expect And When


Expect this to happen sometimes around two to three months. You will notice your infant smiling deliberately.  Congratulations! It is the first development milestone for your baby. Further, you should work towards laughing and talking to your infant. This helps in encouraging the baby to smile a bit more.

Baby Milestones At 3 Months

Rolling over and teething are two essential milestones your baby will reach at three months. As soon as your baby is three months old, you need to start looking for rolly-pollies.

Majority of the babies show signs of movement or rollovers in their fourth and fifth months, but three would be fairly common. Teething also occurs at three months. This is when your infant will start drooling buckets. Also, your baby will seem crankier than ever.

Baby Milestones: What To Expect And When
Baby Milestones: What To Expect And When

Baby Milestones – Sound Sleeping At Night

As has already been mentioned, every baby is different. Some babies start having a sound sleep throughout the night at four months. Such babies have continuous six hours of sleep. However, others keep troubling their parents, especially mothers, even as late as six months.

Babies who do not sleep properly even at six months need proper care and attention. As parents, you need to reevaluate your infant’s bedtime routine. If things get worse, it is good to have a word with a pediatrician. Experts will be able to diagnose any digestive or colic issues resulting in sleeplessness.

The First Taste Of Solids

Different parents choose to feed their babies differently. Therefore, the milestone timing and expectations can vary a lot. Going by the general rule, parents should start solids anywhere between four and six months. At this stage, you need to introduce your infant to new foods at least five times during the day. This will make it easier for him to accept the food. Try being patient because both you and your infant learn to take in new textures and tastes.

Baby Milestones – Walking

It is a significant milestone many parents should watch out. Walking tendencies can be seen in babies when they are about nine months old. They will try to walk only if they are assured about their safety. If they can stand up properly, they will try walking by holding onto particular objects. Toddlers generally walk between twelve and fifteen months of age.

These are some typical baby milestones you need to know to understand the growth procedure of your little bundle of joy.

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