Baby Milestones: 6 To 7 Months -

Baby Milestones: 6 To 7 Months

Baby Milestones: 6 To 7 Months

Your baby has brought you surprises in the changes occurring in their growth. Although you need them to grow faster, you also want to enjoy the little cuddly little ones. After six months, there are more chances to observe as they develop into recognition of strangers, begin to crawl and grasp every object on their first baby milestones.

Baby Milestones: 6 To 7 Months

Baby Milestones: 6 To 7 Months

6-9 Months Baby Milestones

Welcome to the second part of your child’s first year. If this is your firstborn, there is a lot of mixed reactions, expectations, and experience gained from learning about baby growth and all that is entailed. At this time, you would want to grab a camcorder and record every little exciting change occurring in their lives.

Since it is essential to keep track of these changes, the experts have availed the information you need to know as you observe the changes in the toddlers, here is a breakdown to help you

6 Months

When your baby gets to see months, there are definite changes to occur if they have a reasonable health condition. Some individual cases are considered so note that these are general expectations across the board.

Motor Skills:

You will notice gross motor skills as they begin to sit up on their own without the need for a prop or backrest. You will become freer as all you need to do is put them in a sitting position and let them have some fun with their toys. It is an excellent time for mothers to finally bid farewell to the delicateness of having to prop a baby.

Excellent motor skills: the baby will not only grasp different items in the hands but also transfer them from one to another. It is easy to notice this advancement because they will do it frequently and get amazed at it themselves.

Language Skills:

The frustrating gibberish, which you would never seem to understand fades away and is replaced with some muttered babbles, which sound like real words. Mama, baba, and dada are the most typical first words you can pull out of them. This is also an overwhelming experience for parents as they can subsequently hear their titles as recognition or appreciation for who they are. It is great to finally get to be noticed by being called by your baby.

Baby Milestones: 6 To 7 Months

Baby Milestones: 6 To 7 Months

Social Skills:

Your baby will be able to respond more consistently than before. For example, you will notice a smile when calling their name or just trying to be funny or looking at you as you speak.

7 Months

Gross Motor Skills:

The baby will attempt to move on all fours. You will notice them try hard at this as they scoot and crawl around to fetch toys and objects as they explore the world around them.

Fine Motor Skills:

They will be able to scoop up small objects within their reach and grasp using all their fingers.


The baby will imitate the sounds you make towards him as much as he can. The most natural sounds and laughter come first. This is exciting because finally, you realize you will be making sense in intelligent language soon. You will attempt to improve on the complexity of the words, but raspberries and babble talk continues at advanced stages.

Social Skills:

They will begin to enjoy eye contact and games such as peek-a-boo.

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