Are You Fed Up With Your Children Playing Cartoon Channels On TV

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Children playing cartoon channels on TV is a common scenario in most homes today. Often parents are busy with work and have no time to spend with their children. Another reason is that families today are mostly nuclear and children are left with no options but to entertain themselves. The easiest option is to watch cartoons on TV. There are a plethora of cartoon channels showcasing on television today and children have a lot of options to binge watch cartoons.

Advantages of Children Playing Cartoon Channels on TV

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Today, most cartoons shown on television have a good lesson or moral to be learnt. Children easily pick up good values and ethics from these kid-friendly cartoon channels. They may not easily learn or adapt to something when told by their parents, but if something is shown on television by their favorite cartoon character, they easily adapt to it. For example, in the cartoon series Popeye, the main cartoon character Popeye eats spinach to become powerful. After watching this cartoon, children do not fuss about spinach and easily eat the greens you serve in their plate, thinking that it will give them strength. If your child watches cartoon channels on television, at least they are better than your kids watching movies or series. Cartoons thrill them and excite them. They are a cool means of entertaining your children when you are too busy with work.

Disadvantages of Children Playing Cartoon Channels on TV

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The disadvantages of watching too many cartoon channels is just that your child is watching too much television. This hampers their thinking capability and innovative streaks. A child from 0 to 5 years is at the most crucial age of his life. The foundation you lay at this age, remains with the child forever. If you encourage your child to play with blocks or play physical games with friends outdoors, it enhances their sportsman spirits, motor skills, thinking skills and behavioral skills. A child watching television all day at home gets too lazy to think or attempt anything on his own. Another major disadvantage of your child playing cartoon channels on TV all day long is that it might affect their eyes. Today, we see a large number of children wearing spectacles right from a very young age. 

What you can do

There is no harm with your children watching cartoons on television, just that, you need to monitor the content and the timings. Restrict their television watching hours to 2 or 3 only in a day. Let them watch only informative and good cartoon shows. Sometimes, you should sit with them and repeat after what is shown on the TV. For example, if your child is watching too much Doraemon, you can sit with them and teach them how Nobita keeps upsetting his parents for not doing his homework. Stress on the point that your child must never do that, else it will hurt his parents too.

Keep in mind these above factors and ensure that your child’s television watching is monitored.

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