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3 Games That African Children Enjoy Playing

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Learning about indigenous games is a delightful way to understand someone’s culture. With that said there are always few games that never wither away. They continue to exist throughout the generation although the name may be different sometimes. When it comes to the continent of Africa people are not very familiar with African games. That’s why below is the list of 3 games that African children enjoy playing. 


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Ampe is quite popular among children in Ghana. The game is a lot of fun as players get to sing, clap and even jump. For playing Ampe there should be a minimum of 2 players. In this game, there is no certain limit, and 4 or even more can enjoy it. The winner has to make 10 points. A round proceeds with the selection of the head, who gets to jump first. While jumping he has to bring one leg ahead. After picking a leader, the remaining players have to decide to form 2 groups by making a semi-circle. This game is determined by points earned through legs and jumping.


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In this game, not much activity is involved. It is a sort of a word game. All the children make a circle. Here they frequently say Nyama when they hear the name of an edible animal. They also jump in the group while playing. In the Swahili language, the word ‘Nyama’ literally means ‘flesh’. Just like most games, a leader is chosen at the beginning. He or she stands in the middle of the circle formed by the other players. It’s a popular game in Kenya and other parts of East Africa. 


This game is enjoyed in Zimbabwe, Kenya, and some other areas as well. It is played with marbles or tiny pebbles and fingers. In the game, children bring around 30 stones in a bowl. They take a stone and shoot it away. During the time the stone is moving in the air the player gets to pick stones from the bowl. The victory depends on the amount of force used in throwing. For playing Kudoda, at least 3 participants are needed. Finally, the person who has the maximum number of marbles or stones becomes the winner of the game.


Games are full of joy and some are even memorable. If you are someone who wants to know what children in Africa prefer playing then the above-mentioned list can help. The first one is called Ampe which is mostly played by kids in Ghana. Children decide a leader, collect points, plenty of jumping and singing makes it fun to play. Next is the Nyama game, kids say Nyama whenever the name of an edible animal is taken. Then the game of Kudoda where children play with marbles or small stones. The winner is the one who gets the highest quantity of marbles.

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